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In the subsequent decade Dave continued his education and research by collaborating with Michigan State University, Plant Health Care, and other recognized industry professionals on product designs and methods to improve tree root healthcare.  The Allen family started a unique tree health care company, personally installing its products on more than 5000 trees over a three-year period while documenting the results.

In 2008 our first injection mold plant was purchased with 6 plastic molding presses. The company later moved to Caro, MI expanding the operation to 20 presses and changing the name to Wow Plastics, LLC. Dave has since designed more than 60 innovative consumer products, 6 of which became As Seen On TV products, and he also authored four Bible based books.


More recently while traveling across the country, always with an eye on landscape trees and shrubs, Dave noticed a recurring theme of a few large trees, a few medium trees, and a lot of small newly planted trees decorating the same commercial and urban properties. Obviously year in and year out a high percentage of landscape trees are dying prematurely forcing property owners to plant new ones in the same growing conditions that caused the previous trees to fail.  This is a costly and never-ending cycle. Obviously something or many things were wrong.


Researching the causes, when it comes to ‘how to a water a tree’ and ‘how to care for roots’ we find that there are many ‘rules of thumb’ and ‘general guidelines.’  Over the past year we put many of these ‘rules of thumb’ to the test. The results were concerning which caused us to wonder in some cases, where the initial recommendations came from. Take a look for yourself in the Tree Care Tests and Best Practices study findings video.

As a result of the tests and discussions with landscape professionals, we have designed several tree watering and root care product updates. As a Made in the USA manufacturer we build products around proven concepts with best practices, water conservation and cost in mind.


We are excited and proud to be contributors to the evolving Green Industry.

Why Wow Product Sales

Over the past ten years Wow Product Sales has grown substantially in terms of revenue and profit, and with a diverse product and customer base that ensures our stability for many years to come. We will never forget the invaluable lessons we learned starting out, and often share that experience with startup companies desiring to launch their own line of novel products.

Founder, Dave Allen’s roots began back in 1999 when he was a partner in a small manufacturing company. They produced mesh cylinders that channeled water, oxygen and nutrients into the ground around trees. Always preoccupied with a need to know how things work and what improvements could be made, Dave worked with researchers at Davey Tree Company (one of the oldest and largest tree care companies in the world). There they field tested what impact if any mesh tubes, or more specifically channeling water, oxygen and nutrients around the rootball, had in the establishment of newly planted trees. The measured results were nothing short of significant. A few years later models were designed to connect into high pressure irrigation systems which to this day are sold through the Rain Bird sprinkler company.


Around 2004 Dave branched off on his own and started the RZI company. More than a dozen new tree and shrub products were designed including an internal tube water deflection device. The device prevents water that enters through the top of a tube, from flowing directly out of the bottom. By inserting the device into mesh tubes, irrigation is defected out of the side walls into the root zone area within the soil. This device named StrataRoot has been sold globally by Hunter Industries for the past decade, in a variety of models.

David Allen


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